Retro Fun…

Everything old is new again.

There’s a reason classic toys are classics- they’re fun for everyone. Bring some nostalgia to your Labor Day (or next birthday) party with these classic toys.

In addition to retro fun, they’re all made in the US with sustainable Vermont wood.

Tops: Who can spin theirs the longest? Pick your favorite color (red, blue, or green) and start spinning!

Yo-yos: Around the World…Walk the Dog… let grandma and grandpa teach the young ones a trick or too.

Wands:  Abracadabra…let there be a day off of school! Perfect for your budding magician or little princess. Available in purple, yellow, pink(alicious!), or natural to decorate your own.

Made by Me Kits:  Get ready to hear papa’s stories when you bring out these kits. Make your own truck, train, boat, racecar, or bug. Attach the wheels, give it some color, and let it roll! Great party craft, group activity, or driveway fun.

Glee Gum Assorted Mini Boxes:  Ok, it’s not a toy, but it reminds me of the Chicklets my grandma used to keep in her purse.  In fact, they’re the only gum still made with real Chicle, not chemicals and artificial sugars.  My favorite? Tangerine!

Daily Green Special: Spend $35 and receive a free natural canvas bag, great for toting your fun retro toys! Just write “retro” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free bag to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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