Nothing cute about this…it’s downright scary!

We often talk about the toxicity of school supplies.  I’m confused why chemicals that are banned in children’s toys aren’t regulated in their daily supplies too.

Here’s a frightening little report.

You’ve heard of PVC, that hard plastic material that creates most of our homes’ water pipes; PVC also goes under the alias vinyl. Vinyl and PVC are both hard materials, but vinyl shower curtains are soft right?

Well, to make PVC/Vinyl pliable they add…phthalates. Yes, those same pthalates that are banned in kid’s toys, were found in approximately 75% of their school supplies (CBS study).

I know, kids love those character backpacks. But is it worth the health risk? Even low levels of phthalates are linked to birth defects, early puberty, infertility, asthma, ADHD, obesity, and diabetes.

How scary is it?  The Amazing Spiderman backpack contained 52x the federal ban limit.  Dora the Explorer Backpack…69x.  How about those lovely Disney Princesses?  Their lunchbox exceeded limits by 29x.

Phthalates were also found in 3-ring binders, rain coats, supply boxes, and more.

Whether your school year has already begun, or you’re one of the lucky few starting after Labor Day, make sure this year’s backpack & lunch boxes are safe.  I’m curious which stores will accept supply returns based on toxicity.

Still want to make little ones happy with special designs?  Our recycled cotton bag is the perfect canvas for customizing.  Create your own masterpiece (try our botanical paints!) or let our super talented artist personalize one for you.   

Looking for a PVC-free backpack?  We have three different sizes available.  Don’t forget our Goodbyn/Bynto phthalate-free lunchboxes, we’re down to our final few.


Daily Green Special:  Purchase a backpack, lunchbox, or recycled cotton canvas bag and we’ll upgrade your shipping for free!  Just write “PVC-Free” in the checkout notes and we’ll expidite your shipping for you (US orders only, sorry).  Offer valid until Tuesday’s post.  Happy Thursday!


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