Fundraising and Promos…

Tired of the same wrapping paper and popcorn school fundraisers?

Looking for a green option for promotional pieces?

Favor the Earth can help you with both!

Did you know several of our items can be customized with your company or school information?  Green alternatives for fundraisers are a hit too.

Earn green with these green promotional/fundraiser ideas.

  • Vapur Bottles:  With everyone carrying reusable water bottles, why not carry one featuring your company!  Dishwasher safe, Freezer Safe, made in the US, and BPA free, Vapur Bottles are a great way to show your school or company’s commitment to the environment.  250 minimum for customization.
  • Organic Soaps:  Wrap up organic soaps with your personalized touch.  Perfect for weddings, showers, or party favors.  Find ours in local green hotels too.  How about coffee soaps for your indie coffee shop!   3 sizes available, minimum of 20 for customization.
  • T-shirt Bag:  What could be better than an organic reusable bag?  One printed with your company, school, or team name on it!  Made from recycled organic t-shirts and dyed with Georgia/Carolina clay,  these durable, machine-washable bags, are great for promotions or fundraisers.  100 minimum for customization.
  • Eco-Lips Balm:  Tired of giving away pens?  Want your name on a truly green item?  Customized Eco-Lips balms are a great place to start.  Several flavors (with or without SPF) available. Great for schools, races, or promotions.  Minimum 100 for customization.
  • Seeded Paper: Sure, it’s great when cards can be recycled, but what about planted?  So cool, and so very green!  Bookmarks, invitations, calendars, even journals.  Great for corporate promotions or school fundraisers.  Minimum 100 for customization.
  • Support your team:  Looking for a unique team or school fundraiser?  Customize our upcycled hockey gear items with your team/school colors.  Bags, hats, mitts, scarves, even drawstring backpacks.

For more information regarding fundraising or promotional pieces contact us at

Daily Green Special:  Save 10% off your customized order!  Offer valid until Friday’s post.  Happy Wednesday!



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