More addictive than Pinterest!


I don’t need any help wasting time on the internet.

Every so often, though, I stumble upon a site worthy of its time warp.

Yes, I have a fondness for Pinterest.  “Pinning” recipes and neverinamillionyearswillIevermake “Weekend Projects.”  They’re so organized in my virtual folders, a vast improvement over the binders full of magazine tear-outs.

But, I found a new site the other day that I have to share.  Think less crafty, more life saving.

I’ve shared the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep Database site before. Essentially this is a database of over 74,000 skin care products: from mascara, to lip balm, to sunscreen, to shampoo. Basically anything you’d put on your skin/hair is in their database. While the majority of the products are larger brand names, some of our smaller companies are making their way in:  Green Envee earned a Champion Company status for all of their products receiving the safest (green) ratings!

After you’ve checked your skin care (believe me it’s addictive!) jump over to their sister site: EWG 2012 Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Though this database is still a work in progress, 2,000 items so far, it’s quite eye-opening.   As with the Skin Deep site, the most expensive products (or those with the largest “green” marketing”) aren’t always the safest.  Put your dish soap, bathroom cleaner, and laundry detergent to the test.  Happy to know that my trusty vinegar & baking soda received an A,  but I did recently learn that the acidity isn’t safe for grout or caulk (which lead to me learning how to re-caulk the shower!).

So, what did you learn about the products under your sink or in your bathroom cabinet?   Time to make some changes?

We’ll help you get started.  Need skin care help?  How about a free bar of Green Envee soap!  Need a cleaning boost?  How about a free five load bag of Yoreganics Soap Nuts!

Daily Green Special:  Spend $35 and receive either a free Green Envee bar soap or 5 load bag of soap nuts.  Just write “skin care” (for the soap) or “cleaning” (for the laundry soap nuts) in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free item to your order.  Offer valid until Friday’s post.  Happy Wednesday!





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