Top 10 under $20

Sometimes you need a gift on the fly.  You know the feeling, walking out the door and suddenly realizing it’s your favorite coworker’s birthday.

I love the  “but mom, I you know the party is today!”

Or you want to thank your best friend for missing her favorite show while listening to you vent.

Maybe it’s an olive branch apology to the neighbor whose yard is too often the recipient of your dog’s morning…ahem…routine.

Sure, you could pick up a gift card, but these 10 great finds under $20 are much more personable. Keep a couple on hand to avoid that last-minute panic!

  1. SpaRitual Mini Gift Set    $20.00
  2. Upcycled Flower Burst Vase   $18.00
  3. Happy Buddha Beeswax Candle  $12.75 
  4. GLOB Botanical Paint Kit  $17.95
  5. Organic Chocolate Gift Set   $10.95
  6. Eco-Gear Gorilla Messenger Bag $18.00
  7. Happiness Soy Candle  $20.00
  8. Recycled Cardboard Mermaid Cove $15.00
  9. Mini-Me Recycled Hockey Bag $19.95
  10. Baby Buddha Bowl $20.00

To prevent last-minute less-than-personal gifts, stock up on our favorites with today’s special coupon!

Daily Green Special: Spend $35 and save $5.00 with the coupon code TOP10. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Thursday!


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