You asked for it!

Here’s what you’ve been looking for…no, really.

These are the top five items Favor the Earth visitors searched for this week!

  1. Two Brothers Soap:  Yep, it’s organic handcrafted soap made with Chicago’s very own Two Brothers beer (did you catch them in House Hunters last night?!).  Incredibly moisturizing!
  2. Wexy Bags:  We love these USA made, biodegradable zip-top bags.  The four monsters are adorable and the bags are incredibly durable. Great for toting extra snacks or for party bags.
  3. Vapur Element:  This “anti-bottle” is making its way around the world, to mountain tops too!  What makes this USA made water bottle stand out from the other reusable bottles?  It’s BPA-free, Dishwasher safe, Freezable, convenient carabiner clip, and rolls up for easy carrying when empty.  Oh, the cap for this bottle totally rocks too!
  4. E*color*gy Markers:  Markers top the list for kids’ school supplies.  Make sure they’re using safe, non-toxic E*color*gy for coloring and projects.  Made in the USA with recycled marker tubes.  
  5. Baby Budda Bowl:  We love these California bowls.  Cereal, popcorn, chili, hot cocoa, coffee, even cotton balls; these 12 oz. bowls hold everything! Specially designed with a thumb-hole so the bowl/mug can nestle right into chilly hands.  7 colors so everyone can have their own!

Daily Green Special:  Since these were your hottest picks of the week, we’ll give you a hot deal to go with them!  Use our coupon code WEEKEND5 and save $5.00 off your $35.00 purchase.  Offer valid until Monday’s post.  Happy Friday!


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