Time for tailgating…

I have to admit, my favorite part of watching football is the snacks; all of the enthusiastic fan genes must have gone to my sister.  While she rattles off stats & players, I’m happy with a cheese tray and killer dip.

Sound familiar?

Whether you think the grocery store guy is still playing quarterback, or you’re rattling off stats with the best of them, it’s still fun hosting friends for the Sunday games.  With these great tailgating finds, better bring a tv to the kitchen too!

Sustainable Mango Wood Bowl & Platter:  You’ve spent hours creating your Pinterest appetizers, time to display your hard work. Even if your snacks didn’t turn out like the picture, everything looks appetizing on these gorgeous sustainable serving pieces.

Sustainable Mango Wood Bowl and Spoon: Need something a little smaller for chili toppings? This all-purpose bowl and spoon works great for chopped onions or shredded cheese!

Upcycled Jersey Apron: Show your team spirit in a handmade upcycled apron. Customize with your favorite team!

Mascot Madness! Keep kids happy, and busy, during the game too! Set up a cardtable with these challenging plantable puzzles: they can show their team spirit with the Cincinatti “Tiger in your Tank” puzzle, Philadelphia “Eagle” puzzle. Don’t forget the Tampa Bay recycled cardboard “Pirate Ship.”      

Daily Green Special:  Spend $20 and receive a free bag of Yummy Earth Organic Roadside Rootbeer Drops!  Just write “Tailgate” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free drops to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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