This will wake you up!

Did you know it’s National Coffee week?  Neither did I!

I was definitely a Johnny Come-Lately to the coffee world, wasn’t hooked until I was thirty and found a fabulous local coffee shop.  I loved that they knew my name, what I would order each day, and the delicious chocolate covered espresso bean placed on top of my mocha. Ahhh…I miss Koobies.

In honor of National Coffee week, three of our favorite coffee items are on sale!

Blissful Botanica Organic Coffee Soaps: Even though it’s a great eye-opening in the morning, the scent is very subtle. My favorite part is the coffee granules that work as an exfoliant. Your skin will feel moisturized and smooth. Another cool option- use our coffee soap by the kitchen sink to eliminate onion and garlic from your hands! Available in a full and 1/2 bar.

Recycled Burlap Coffee Bag: Here’s another way to recycle those burlap coffee bags, turn them into an unique gift bag. Paired with our organic bar soap (how about a coffee soap?!), makes a fantastic gift. Even has a coffee bean pick for closure.

Baby Buddha Bowl:  Of course we can’t forget about our favorite mug when talking about coffee.  Nestled right into the palm of your hands, this 12oz mug/bowl is ideal for that morning (or afternoon…or after dinner) cup of coffee.

Daily Green Special:  To celebrate National Coffee week, our coffee soaps, coffee bags, and buddha bowls are on sale!  No coupon necessary, but sale prices are only valid until Friday.  Happy Tuesday!


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