Cancer awareness month…

Somehow, Monday is October 1st.

I swear it was July just yesterday.  Now we’re beginning the final stretch of 2012.  Yikes!

As most everyone knows, October is breast cancer awareness month.  Every thing seems to have been dyed pink over night.

I love seeing companies show their support for cancer awareness, but I find it ironic that their many “pink products” contain so many cancer causing ingredients.

Unfortunately, too many of our lives are affected by cancer: Grandparents, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and for too many of my frineds…children.

This October, I want to add a little extra support for my friends as they face challenges I would never presume to fully understand.

I believe small acts of kindness can have a powerful impact. Whether it’s dropping off a meal, allowing time to rest by taking their kids for the afternoon, or even sending wishes of strength and courage.

Here are some of the gifts of encouragement I plan on sharing…

Courage, Wellness, and Survivor:  SpaRitual’s 2012 Pink collection celebrates inner strength with this year’s lacquers. Wellness is a sheer pink with a message to be informed and own your own life.   Survivor is a cool glittery pink encouraging us to stand united as there is strength in numbers. Courage is a dusty mauve igniting the strength from within. Additionally, 20% of In Pink profits are donated to Cancer Schmancer, founded by Fran Drascher.

EKL Bearmy Bears: Adults and kids can always use a little extra TLC. I love the message these “rescued” bears carry: “even though I have been through many surguries…I am a rescued bear and my have some flaws…please try to love me for my imperfections…I promise I will do the same for you.” Bold Barney blazes with courage, Snuggly Harvard is ready for hugs, and Brave Ernest with his Hermès headband is ready for endeavors far and wide. All bears are one of a kind!

Whitney Howard Inspirational Anklets: We have a limited supply of these encouraging and inspirational anklets.  Motivating words on a recycled pewter circle attached to a hemp string. Choose from IMAGINE-DREAM-BELIEVE, LIVE-LOVE-LAUGH, or FRIENDSHIP-CHERISH-HAPPINESS. Made in California.

Daily Green Special: Start off cancer awareness month with extra support and strength for yourself or a friend. Receive $6.00 off your $25 purchase with coupon code SURVIVOR12. Offer valid until Monday’s post.


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