Give an old box new life!

Kids are innately crafty. Don’t believe me? Give a little one a box and they’re entertained for hours! Imaginative play at it’s finest.

Now, some super crafty parents have come up with an eco-friendly option for turning recycled paper towel tubes, toilet paper rolls, and mac n’ cheese size boxes into amazing new toys!

Introducing… Box Play for Kids!

Entertaining on their own, but they’re also a great (and affordable!) way to accessorize your Halloween costume too! Perfect for favors, gifts, or everyday fun.

Camera:  Smile! Turn your empty mac n’ cheese box into your shutterbugs dream…a new camera! 1 sticker panel (7″w x 8.25″h) that wraps around 3 sides – front, side and back.

Superstar Bracelets: Super hero or super star, these bracelets are the finishing touch for any super kid! Comes with 2 stickers ( 5.5” w x 2” h each) – one bracelet for each wrist- and adhere to a recycled toilet paper roll or paper towel tube.

Fire Truck: For the little fire fighter in your home! Turn an empty (clean & dry, of course) milk or juice carton into their very own fire truck. Set comes with 4 separate stickers* – top, 2 sides and a back.
* Top panel: 9.625” w x 3.625” h   Side panels (2): 7.5” w x 3.625” h   Back Panel: 3.625” w x 3.625” h

Camo Binoculars: Bird watching? Military missions? Spying on a sibling? The possibilities are endless with these camo binoculars! Stickers fit on your recycled toilet paper roll or cut paper towel tube. Set includes 2 stickers (Each panel: 5.5” w x 4” h). Connect them using a rubber band, string, tape or staples (not included).

Piano: Your budding musician will love their new piano! Turn an ordinary egg carton (clean and dry, of course!) into a portable piano. Includes a single 10.25” w x 3” h panel sticker.

Bowling Pins: Strike! Turn any surface into your own little bowling alley. These bowling pin stickers adhere to standard size paper towel tubes (though they’re slightly shorter so you may need to cut a bit off the top of the tube). Set includes 3 separate 8″w x 5.5″h sticker panels.

Baseball Bat: Perfect for your little slugger! A recycled standard size paper towel tube gets new life as a baseball bat (ball not included!). The baseball bat is a single 10.75” w x 5.5” h panel sticker.

Horn: We’ve all turned a recycled paper towel roll into a horn, but now it can look truly realistic! The horn sticker adheres to a standard size paper towel tubes (though it’s slightly shorter, so you may need to cut a bit off the top of the tube prior to adding sticker). Includes one 10.75″w x 5.5″h panel sticker.

Tractor: Turn an ordinary mac n’ cheese sized box into a small scale John Deere! Kids love tractors and this will delight any farm friend. Includes one 7″w x 8.25″ h sticker that wraps around 3 sides – front, side and back.

All stickers are printed on 100% recycled uncoated paper and made in the USA. Adult assistance in recommended since the stickers are not repositionable.

Daily Green Special: Spend $25 on Box Play for Kids stickers and receive a free recycled canvas bagto easily transport your “new” toys! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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