I didn’t plan on heading off to the Big Apple and ignoring our Daily Green page for the duration of the trip.

I also didn’t plan on having an emergency root canal on day one either. Four hours before my uncle’s memorial.

Thanks to Dr. Towbin and Dr. Kamin, I made it to the event and wasn’t drooling and numb as I’d feared.

I already knew that my uncle was a well-respected and talented artist. He was funny, creative, and a collector. And, as one of his dearest friends described, he was a connector.

We sat (many standing) in a gallery: family, friends, actors, producers, writers, singers, and corporate gurus. All of us sharing a common thread, Barton.

It is an amazing gift to treat others as though they are the most important in the room. A gift on an entirely different level to make all of those in the room feel most important in your life. And they were all right. Everyone had a role in his life, and we were better people for it.

There was an ethereal essence that Barton could walk through a room of his friends, strangers to each other, and everyone would leave the party with an unexplainable life-long connection.

In a world of instant communication, how much time do we really spend connecting with others? Late night phone calls? Hand-written letters? An impromptu evening of wine and cheese?

Too often I hear others (and myself) apologizing for the state of their home when friends stop by. As if an explanation is necessary for living. I’ve adopted someone’s mantra “If you’re coming to see me, come on over; if you’re coming to see my house, give me an hour.”

Many people have today off for Columbus Day. How can you find half an hour to connect with someone?

Write a letter?

Catch up over cheese and crackers?

Or maybe just a little “somethin’ somethin'” to say they’re on your mind.

How will you connect?

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2 responses to “Connections…

  1. Beautifully written Stefanie. 

    I love you


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