Switch witch…

I believe in magic.

Maybe my fascination was sparked as a kid when I “planted” apple seeds in a Dixie cup and an apple tree (read: house plant with apples around it) replaced the paper cup in the morning. I’m certain my older sister was rolling her eyes behind my father’s amusement.

Perhaps it was watching David Copperfield make a car disappear on stage.

Don’t even get me started on Disney World!

I know there are explanations behind them all.  I’m quite aware that ‘Cinderella didn’t wake up and choose the glass slippers from her own closet.

But, I don’t want to know the inner secrets that dispel the magic.

At 11 and nearly 10, my kids are probably too old to believe in many of our holiday traditions. But I’m never going to sit down with them to say they aren’t real.

Kicking off the holiday season, the “Switch Witch” will make her Halloween return. Never heard of her?

Basically, the kids can leave a set number (decided once I see how much they bring home!) of candy outside the door for the Switch Witch to bring back to her goblin friends. In return, she’ll leave them a little treat (book, small toy). More candies = bigger treat!

In the past the candy has ended up at the office, or in the back of the closet (where I recently found it…oops!). This year, I heard of an organization that will send it to our overseas troops- still looking for more details on that one.

What kinds of treats does the switch witch like to leave?

Sustainable Wood Yo-yos

Plantable Puzzles

Let’s Go Green Activity Books

Calafant Recycled Cardboard Toys

Box Play for Kids Stickers

Botanical Paint Kits

Sustainable Wood Magic Wands

As Willy Wonka sings, “there is no place I know that compares with your imagination.”

Daily Green Special: Spend $20 and receive a free plantable notepad (ideal for all of your holiday “to-do” lists!). Just write “magic” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free notepad to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday.


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