Scary treats!

Here’s a scary thought: according to, Hershey still receives an F grade in regards to labor certification.

Aside from Hershey’s Bliss (rated a C) and Dagoba (owned by Hershey’s- also rated a C), Hershey’s has no certification showing a committment to prohibiting child labor or protecting workers’ rights and wages. Seriously? Why not?

I enjoy candy. But I don’t like frightening chemicals or unethical working conditions part of my treat.

That’s why we give out organic treats at Halloween. Does it cost a little more? Yes and no.

I don’t like when houses give out handfuls of candy. My kids don’t need it, and it’s just excessive. Less is more, right?!  Factoring in the potential health issues associated with artificial chemicals and sugars, I’ll take paying a bit more for treats over paying a medical bill any day!

What are our favorite “spook-tacular” Halloween goodies?

Yummy Earth Lollipops: My son has always been sensitive to artificial colors. These pops are colored from the actual fruit! Novel idea, huh? Not to mention they are the most delicious lollipops ever! Great for those with allergies too. Available in bulk or 13oz size.

Assorted Glee Gum Mini-Boxes: My daughter loves gum, but the typical fake sugar chewing gum gives her terrible headaches. Our solution…Glee Gum! Made from sustainably harvested chicle, this gum contains no artifical colors, flavors, or sweeteners either.

Endangered Species Chocolates: Aside from ensuring ethical wages and work conditions for their cacao farmers in Ecuador, this chocolate is downright amazing. While I lean toward the dark chocolate with almonds & cranberry, a melted mint square in my coffee is pure bliss. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone! Available in individual squares or 150 piece bulk boxes. For those “cool houses” that give out full size candy bars, we have a bar for you too!

Daily Green Special: Have fun with spooky costumes, not scary ingredients! Spend $35 on green Halloween treats and we’ll upgrade to priority shipping (US only, sorry) for free! Just write “trick or treat” in the checkout notes and we’ll upgrade your shipping for you. Offer valid until Friday’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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