5 simple switches…

We all  have our morning and nightly routines; those innate habits to care for our skin, lips, and body.

Nourishing our body is fabulous, but not if the products are laden with synthetic ingredients.

Here are 5 simple switches to make your routine safer for your health.

Lip Balm: Though I’m not big on lipstick, I’m completely addicted to lip balms. Forget the Chapstick full of petroleum, synthetic ingredients, and carcinogens. Make the switch to Eco Lips lip balms: petroleum-free, organic ingredients, even certified gluten-free. Available in Pure & Simple or SPF. For those with severely chapped lips, try our Eco-Lips Medicinal, great for cold-sores too.

Lotion: Nothing like brutal wind to dry out your skin. Ordinary lotion is chockfull of parabens, synthetic ingredients, and too often carcinogens. Green Envee lotions are anything but ordinary! Organic, pure essential oils, and a Safe Cosmetics Champion company. Though the bottle says “body lotion,” it’s safe for your face too. I swear the French Lavender & Chamomile has reduced my “when did I get these lines by eyes” wrinkles!

Soap: “Fragrance.” A frightening cocktail of unlimited chemicals added to most bar soaps. Lucky for all of us, Blissful Botanica and Green Envee are committed to organic ingredients, and their scents are derived from pure essential oils. Better for your skin, better for the environment, and better for your health. Pumpkin spice is my fall favorite!

Base Coat: Most of us have a drawer full of nail polish. And sometimes a favorite color isn’t from the safest brand. Fortunately, our SpaRitual Multitasker base & top coat, adds a safe barrier between your nails and nasty chemicals. Ever notice a funky yellow to your nails after removing polish? SpaRitual’s vegan polishes & multitasker won’t do that- thanks to removing those three carcinogens: DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde.

Water Bottle: I love that it’s almost second nature to grab a water bottle on the way out the door. Hydration = Health! What I don’t like are all of the plastic bottles I see filling up recycling bins or on the side of the road. Our Vapur Element is 1 liter of hydration, essential even in these colder months. BPA-free, made in the USA, dishwasher safe (my favorite part!), collapsible, and freezable! It’s a water bottle and ice pack all in one.

Adding awareness doesn’t mean changing your routine, just a few simple product switches rewards your health and the environment.

Daily Green Special: Receive $5 off your $25 purchase with our weekend coupon SWITCH5. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!


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