All grown up…

As of today, I no longer have kids in the single digits.

My baby boy is 10 today.

I told him it’s amazing that he’s gotten older, when I haven’t aged a bit.  An enormous lie as this kid’s daredevil stunts will for sure send me to an early grave.

For entering the world colicky and miserable unless being held, he has become quite the entertainer…though he thankfully still enjoys cuddling.

As much as he’s learned in these past ten years, he’s taught me innumerable lessons as well.

  • Despite the wear on the wood floors, sometimes rollerblading in the house during brutal Chicago winters makes life a little more enjoyable.
  • If I just keep quiet while playing catch, he’ll share his thoughts, concerns, and goals.
  • Simple and made with love will always equal “FANTASTIC!” in his book.

My son is never without a ball in his hands or wheels/skates on his feet. He’s ready to play at any hour of the day, with anyone willing to oblige.

Some of my proudest moments, though, are watching him with his hand on the pitcher’s shoulder calming their nerves, or offering a hand up to an opposing player.

To celebrate his birthday and his first “hat trick,” all of our winter hats are on sale.

Daily Green Special: Three goals equals a “hat trick,” so you save 30% on all in-stock winter hats! No coupon necessary, but the offer is only valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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