For my sweet…

Saturday is Sweetest Day!

C’mon, I can hear the grumblings already.  Yes, it’s probably a “Hallmark” holiday.  Does it really matter though?

Is it really so bad to remind those we love that they’re our “sweethearts?”

Sure, we should do it everyday.  But sometimes everyday gets caught up in “it’s your turn to do the dishes;” “I cleaned up after the dog last time.”

We’re reminded to stop and smell the roses and the (makes me crazy…) Keep Calm and Carry On sign is everywhere, why not a love reminder? Still not sold? Just think of it as another opportunity to celebrate someone you love…like an All-Star Game!

Nothing flashy, just a little thanks for making my life sweeter! Need some ideas? Here are 6 great ones!

  1. Box of Love: Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a box full of love? Seeded heart box is the idea size for chocolate squares or endearing notes.
  2. Spice it Up: Want to encourage your love to do a little more cooking? Their favorite pro apron will do the trick! Reversible and handmade and amazingly cool.
  3. Color me Happy: With Halloween right around the corner, kids don’t need any extra candy. Let them create masterpieces with our two-toned swirled heart crayons. Crafted with love by individuals with developmental different-abilites.
  4. Charlotte: Wear your love daily. A beautiful antique spoon upcycled into a gorgeous heart-shaped necklace. Perfect for moms, daughters, aunts, or friends!
  5. Comfort: Sweetheart going through a rough patch? Even grown-ups can use a cuddle; EKL bears are just what the doctor ordered. Each original bear arrives with a message: “even though I have been through many surguries…I am a rescued bear and my have some flaws…please try to love me for my imperfections…I promise I will do the same for you.”
  6. All Wrapped Up: Here’s something for your littlest sweet, an organic hand-crocheted blanket. Open v-stitch means no worries for covered heads, and they’re the perfect size for little fingers and toes to cozy tight. Machine washable and snuggly-soft.

Daily Green Special: Since Sweetest Day is Saturday, don’t stress about a gift arriving on time. We’ll upgrade your shipping (USA only, sorry!) for free! Just write “SWEETHEART” in the checkout notes and we’ll expedite your shipping for you. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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