Half off weekend!

It’s bad enough that it’s dark now by 5:30. But it’s rainy and gloomy too.

Most of my friends love these early nights; it’s dark, you can get settled in for the night, and cozy by 7. Unfortunately, my kids internal clocks don’t work that way!

Since I’ve finally put an end to roller blading in the house (don’t judge- you’re welcome to entertain my extremely energetic son for hours on end in sub-zero weather!), and the indoor batting cage isn’t set up yet (again, don’t judge). We still need some indoor entertainment.

While my daughter has always enjoyed “pretend play,” my son…not so much. So, when they both stayed busy with these for hours, I knew we needed more!

Recycled Calafant cardboard toys are three crafts in one.

  1. Non-toxic markers are included for the small and medium size (the large is so big the markers would wear-out!) for them to color & be crafty.
  2. Detailed instructions provide a fun challenge (little ones may need some sibling or adult assistance)- the 78 steps for the Robot took my son two hours! I enjoyed two hours of quiet bliss observing his focused captivation.
  3. Endless playtime follows! They even fold up for easy storage or travel.

Three sizes are available and there’s something for everyone.

Small includes 12 non-toxic markers: circus wagon, spaceship, camper, police car, airplane, or steamer ship.

Medium includes 12 non-toxic markers: pirate ship, dragonrock castle, mermaid cove

Large is far too big for markers! (We recommend Glob Botanical Paints or Alpino Color Pencils): doll house, tree house, robot

Daily Green Special: Since the weather is 1/2 nice and 1/2 gloomy, and since we’re 1/2 way to my birthday…it’s a 50% off sale! All in-stock Calafant recycled cardboard toys are half off! This deal won’t last long though. Offer expires Monday’s post. Happy Weekend!


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