A year of growth.

It’s that time of the year when I always wonder, “how did it get to be this time of year already!”

It used to be that I would blink and a week had passed, now that seems to hold true for the year as well.

Although I’m not a crafty scrapbooker, I do put together a year-end photo book, sort-of a reminder of places we’ve seen and how the kids have grown throughout the year.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize how much someone, or something, has grown when you’re with them daily. Which is why I think this 2013 plantable calendar is brilliant. Introducing the Grow A Garden plantable calendar!

Not only is this a gorgeous 5×5 desktop calendar, it’s also a complete garden! Each month’s page is embedded with different vegetable or herb seeds. When the month is over, plant the page! You’ll grow delicious vegetables and herbs all year. Also includes great planting tips and recipes.

While I’m looking forward to my own “garden year,” it also makes a fantastic gift. Wouldn’t this be a great classroom project? Or a fabulous idea for container pots without needing a full yard garden?

Daily Green Special: New product means special introductory price! Pick up a calendar for those on your holiday list. Because the days go by in a blink, this offer valid until Wednesday’s post. Happy Monday!


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