Fill ‘er up!

Looking for another way to green your Halloween?

Skip the BPA and toxic plastic tote. Not only do they offset nasty chemicals, there’s the added nuisance (and cost) of having to store an item used once a year.

While many kids go the pillow case route, they’re a bit too big for little ones. Choose a reusable bag instead! They have a great tote for treats, you’ll have a great bag to stash in the purse or car so you don’t have to rely on plastic store bags.

Whether you’re trick or treating, or just looking for a great deal on our fabulous bags, you’re in luck. These three bags are buy 2 get 1 free!

Recycled T-shirt bag: Durable, machine washable, compactable, and just plain fantastic. These bags are created from recycled organic t-shirts. How do they get their gorgeous colors? They’re naturally dyed with the brilliant clay from Georgia & the Carolinas!

Organic Medium Sack: This all-purpose sack has a handy drawstring for little ones to carry, or put over their shoulder. The blank fabric can be personalized or decorated to accessorize costumes or blank for future use. By November 1st you have an organic bag for produce, toys, ballet slippers, or snacks!

Organic Mesh Bag: For the kids who like to see their loot, this bag is the solution! Similar to the medium sack, only this organic bag is slightly larger and made of mesh. A great bag for storing potatoes or onions once Halloween is over.

Daily Green Special: Each of the above bags are buy 2 get one free (equal or lower priced item is free). Mix and match or keep them the same. Just write Treats Please!(and your prefered free bag) and we’ll add it to your order. Offer valid until Friday’s post. Happy Thursday!


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