Thanks to our Veterans

Of course I can’t find it now, but there’s a quote floating around Facebook (or maybe Pinterest) something to the effect:

I think the men (and women) who wear helmets
to defend our country,
should make more money than the men who wear helmets
to defend a ball.

I whole heartedly agree.

The other day my son asked what it means to take something for granted. This single question has led to a week’s worth of conversations. From flipping a light switch and having electricity, to turning on a faucet and having water, to both of my kids having the right to go to school each day.

In many (maybe most) ways, we have our troops to thank. And, around the world, others are thanking them as well.

Whether they’re helping rescue efforts from Sandy, protecting us at home, or overseas. Whether they’re standing up for our country today, or in conflicts and wars generations ago. Our Veterans are heroes.

If you see a soldier, say thanks. Take your kids to a history museum, or listen to grandpa and grandma tell a few stories. Maybe buy a soldier cup of coffee, or pick up their lunch tab, because, unfortunately, our heroes on the real fields don’t earn the as much as those on the playing fields.

Email us a picture, or post it on our Facebook page, of yourself (or a loved one) in uniform & add we’ll add a special gift to your order.

Daily Green Special: We’ll help you save a little cash this weekend, so you have a little extra to spend on a Veteran! Use the coupon code USAHERO12 and save $5 off your $25 purchase. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!


One response to “Thanks to our Veterans

  1. What a wonderfully written, powerful statement!  Thank you



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