5 reasons why…

Top 5 reasons why you should skip black Friday (Thursday in some cases) shopping and shop online at Favor the Earth instead!

  1. Sleep In: Choose your own hours to shop: late at night when everyone’s asleep, or anytime during the day.  There’s no reason to set a 4am alarm to shop. And, there’s no need to unwrap from a cozy blanket!
  2. Toasty Warm: Get up early and stand in the cold? Forget it! Stay toasty warm by your fireplace or with a baby buddha bowl full of chai or oatmeal. You can even shop in your pjs.
  3. Something for Everyone: From firetrucks to beer soap; from earrings to recycled sports gear, we have something for everyone on your list. Struggling with a gift idea for the impossible-to-buy-for in-law? Let us know, we have lots of great ideas!
  4. Shop Small: Small Business Saturday is the 24th. Support your small business owners! Why buy the same gift everyone else is purchasing. Your indie shops often carry unique and one-of-a kind items. You’ll find great items (like sustainable mango wood platters) made with love for those you love.
  5. Free Shipping: So, you get to sleep in, avoid crowds, stay toasty warm, what else could there be? Free shipping! You have enough on your plate right now, no need to add heading to the post office to ship your gifts. We’ll even gift wrap for you (select at checkout).

Daily Green Special: All those great benefits and there’s still more?! Write “snacks” in the checkout notes and we’ll add a free pouch of organic popcorn to your order. You need to keep your energy up, of course! Offer valid until tomorrow’s post Happy Monday!


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