Holiday travel…

Holiday breaks are almost upon us.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, or hitting the beach, don’t forget these travel essentials!

Three of our favorites are on super special today!

Eco-Lips Facestick: Sunscreen is a daily necessity, but especially on vacation. Believe me, skiing sunburns are no fun (mine resulted in two black eyes and a face wrapped in ice…but that’s another story!). This SPF 30 stick is convenient in your pocket, beach bag, or purse. Kids seem to squirm less applying Facestick to their nose, ears, cheeks, and lips than trying to apply sunscreen lotion. At today’s special buy 3 get one free price, everyone can have their own!

Vapur Reusable Bottle: I just can’t get over how awesome these truly are! A-they’re made in the US and are BPA-free. B-they’re collapsible. C-they’re perfect for daily use and even better for travel. Flying the friendly skies? Roll it up until you’re past security, then fill at one of the handy airport water bottle filling stations. 20121120-075453.jpg Traveling by car? Fill and freeze to use as ice packs, then use as water bottles at your destination. Available in 3 sizes (.4L two packs, .5L, and 1L), 7 colors and two special Hawaiian Sunrise & Sunset. Let everyone choose their own colors with today’s buy 3 get one free deal!

Organic Chocolate Squares: If your family is anything mine, a small candy stash is always packed. Amazing how a small piece of chocolate can diffuse a tantrum (usually mine!), or reduce complaints about travel delays. With 5 different organic chocolate bites (milk, dark, dark with mint, dark with cranberry/almonds, bug bites), there’s something for everyone. Buy 3 get one free!

Not traveling anywhere this season (me either)! Take advantage of these great deals for gifts and stocking stuffers.

Daily Green Special: To take advantage of these great deals, just write “SPF”, “Hydrate”, or “Treat” (use one or all three codes!) in the checkout notes. We’ll add a fourth Facestick, Vapur, or chocolate (equal value) to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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