Favorite Toys Made in the USA!

Here’s an intersting tidbit that I read in the Trib today, 85% of toys sold in America are made in China. Yikes.

Unfortunately, when products are made overseas, there’s often little confirmation that the products weren’t made in sweat-shops and/or made with non-toxic paints and plastics.

That’s why many shoppers are intent on Made in the USA gifts this year. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve helped you out! Check out these fantastic toys made in the USA (part of our MADE IN USA category!).

Not only are you supporting American made products, but the small business artists that create them!

Box Play for Kids: What parents won’t do for their kids! The concept for Box Play was sparked by Janette & Greg’s daughter’s idea: turn recyclables into fun toys! 100% recycled paper stickers turn common household objects into fantastic new toys. Barely over a year and they’re already listed as one of Food Network’s Best Gifts for Kids, Eco-Choice Award Winner, and numerous televsion appearances! Made in Arizona.

Green Pieces Puzzles: Looking for a challenge for older kids, or project for the whole family? Each of these 500 piece puzzles are embedded with wildflowers seeds; when you’re finished, plant the pieces to grown wildflowers! Makes a great classroom gift too. Decorate little pots & everyone who had a hand in completing the puzzle takes home flowers. Learn interesting eco-facts along the way too. Available in tiger or panda. Made in Illinois.

Maple Landmarks: This close-knit Vermont company makes wooden toys the old fashioned way, by hand! Since 1984, they’ve been busy creating in their workshops using sustainable, local wood & non-toxic paints and finishes. Traveling to the Vermont area? They love visitors! Great stocking stuffers and kits for young-ones, or nostalgic gifts for grown-up kids.

Fabric Hat Pouches: I love these versitile little pouches! An adorable hat with a bottom zipper makes a handy coin purse, or use to hold lip balm or ear buds. Easily attaches to a key chain or backpack.

Glob Botanical Paints: Does your child love crafts? These botanical paints will make their masterpieces smell good enough to eat! Not your typical (toxic) paint; these powdered pigments are made fruits, vegetables, spices, and organic extracts. Just add water to make as much (or little) paint you need. Made in California.

EKL Bearmy Bears: Even big kids sometimes need a cuddle. These “rescued” bears have been cleaned, patched, and given a new eye (for a new outlook on life!). They each include a tag claiming “even though I have been through many surguries…I am a rescued bear and my have some flaws…please try to love me for my imperfections…I promise I will do the same for you.” A touching gift for a friend in need of a little TLC.

Daily Green Special: Spend $50 and save $5 (yes, free shipping still applies!). Use the coupon code USMADE5. Offer valid until Friday’s post. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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