“Pie, pie, me oh my…”

I am so incredibly exited about our newest product!

You need this!

I need this!

Whether you’re a seasoned pastry chef, or you hide the prepackaged wrappers before the bake sale, you’ll look like the Iron Baker arriving with this.

No more cardboard, falling apart boxes.

Made in Chicago…
Handcrafted with (chemical-free) raw pine…
Measuring in at 11x11x4…

We introduce the PieBox!


Banana cream, apple, pumpkin, you name it, this box will hold your 9″ deep-dish pie.

Why do I love this so much? I do love making pies, but I hated my flimsy cardboard “pie box” I used to transport them. Plus it seemed wasteful. I could get a couple of uses out of it, but I’d end up soon recycling it and buying another.

Regardless if you’re using grandma’s pie crust recipe, or wonder why anyone in their right mind would bake their own pie, this gorgeous wooden pie box will last for generations. Helping you safely transport delicious desserts wherever (and however) you travel!


Order yours today to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Daily Green Special: You know what this means, new product equals special price! Pre-order your pie-box today (shipping week of December 10th). We’ll have a limited supply and these beautiful boxes won’t last long! Enjoy your special introductory price, no coupon needed. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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