Hit the Road!

I have a childhood friend that I mostly keep in contact with through Facebook. Our lives have taken different paths, but there’s so much history that we can start right where we left off when we do connect.

I love watching her Facebook posts, though, because it seems they’re always from a different part of the world: Mexico, Caribbean, London, across the US, or even at a different professional sporting event.

For those of you searching for gifts for your traveling friend- here are 5 great ideas.

Stay hydrated! I know, these seem to end up on every list. Vapur water bottles are that fantastic- they’ve even turned up in Afghanistan with Sgt. Benes! Plus, it’s so cool using the airport “filling station” instead of shelling out $5 for every bottle of water.


Write it down! Every traveller needs a journal. Whether they’re keeping track of daily adventures, favorite restaurants, or must-remember bottles of wine, this plantable pocket-sized notepad is ideal. Once the pages are filled, plant the covers & grow wildflowers as an added vacation memento.

plantable notepad 1
Must have snacks! One thing is certain when traveling…delays. And those delays can mean long breaks between meals. Don’t get stuck with overpriced/unhealthy vending machine snacks. Our 479 Organic Black Truffle & Aged White Cheddar popcorn will satisfy hunger with a “foodie” twist.
479 box

It’s in the bag! Finding unique souvenirs is one of the best parts of traveling! Many cities (Austin, for one!) have banned disposable bags at retail stores. Better bring your own. This recycled organic t-shirt bag easily rolls up to fit inside your purse or tote, so it’s always handy when you spot that great find. Machine washable too!
t-shirt bag

“Oh the Places You Will Go!” Need a unique gift for the jet-setter? A bouquet of vintage maps, souvenir brochures, Disney park guides, even old travel books makes a fantastic memory-saving present. Upcycled paper flowers or flower balls keep those memories alive, and brochure clutter out of your drawers!
dr. seussepcot

Daily Green Special: Spend $45 and receive a free bag of Assorted Glee Gum Mini-Boxes– great for ear-popping on the plane! Just write the name of the location you most want to visit in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free Glee Gum to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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