8 gifts for the cook…

Who is your friend that is most comfortable in the kitchen?

The person who’s happiest whipping up hors d’oeuvres, baking when stressed, or creating restaurant quality meals on a whim.

It’s a toss up for me, between my daughter and my sister. Feel like you’re getting one word answers from my daughter? Ask her about cupcakes…and settle in! You’ll learn about pages of recipes she’s created, best ones she’s tried, and the worst ones she’s eaten- but looked really pretty.

So, for the friends (spouses, relatives, kids) on your list that prefer mixing bowls over earrings, here 8 are perfect gift ideas.

  1. Wooden Piebox:  After all the time they spend baking, we don’t want their pie to get ruined in transit!  Hand-Made from chemical-free, raw pine and fits any 9″ deep-dish pie. $38.95
  2. Sustainable Mango Wood Platter: Presentation is sometimes just as important as the food itself! This gorgeous tray will still be stunning even after the last appetizer is eaten. $59.95
    mango wood
  3. Green Envee Calendula & Lavender Body Wash: Ok, this idea was stolen from my sister the chef!  This is her favorite kitchen soap because it doesn’t transfer other fragrances to the food. And, since there are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, her hands are still moisturized after washing repeatedly. $6.50-$16.00
    kids lotion
  4. Reclaimed Spice Box:  Keep often used spices close at hand.  Great for adding a “pinch” of this or a “dash” of that.  Also good for holding rings while cooking so they don’t get lost! $24.95
  5. Sustainable Mango Wood Bowl & Spoon:  Love this multipurpose bowl!  Could be used as a salt-cellar, perfect for dips, handy spoon for guacamole.  It’s uses are endless! $29.95
    mango bowl-spoon
  6. Upcycled Jersey Apron: Combine their passion for cooking with their love for sports! These one-of-a-kind aprons are made from recycled sports jerseys and are machine washable. $35-$75
    pro apron
  7. Sustainable Mango Wood Bowl: A beautiful bowl for salad or side dishes. Also rustically chic filled with fruits and veggies, or decorative wood balls. $59.95
    mango wood
  8. Create inspiration! For those who love experimenting with ingredients, add a box of our Organic Black Truffle and Aged White Cheddar Popcorn: a great topping for soups! On the sweeter side, try our Organic Candy Drops: crushed or melted they add delicious sweetness to any dessert. Last weekend my daughter made Mexican chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream frosting topped with crushed pomegranate drops. Yum! $3.50-$7.00

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