In the true spirit…

Until an hour ago, I had planned on writing an entirely different post.

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that one.

Today, in the words of Marsha Brady, something suddenly came up.

I think I’ve mentioned my childhood friend, Stephanie, before. We spent summers together at gymnastics camp where her parents were also coaches. They were my surrogate family those weeks, especially the summer after my dad died.

Now, Stephanie has her own struggles as she’s watching her 4th grade son battle cancer. And, when they thought it was treated after a 3 month “all-clear” report, it resurfaced at the sixth-month check-up. This time in the lungs.

This morning as I scrolled Facebook, there was an audio post of Stephanie and her family receiving a “Christmas Wish” from a local radio station.  In response to a friend’s letter, Stephanie and her husband and their three kids received amazing donations from families and companies helping make their Christmas a little brighter. I sobbed along with her, listening as they received these generous gifts.

Unfortunately we all know someone who’s holiday season isn’t quite so merry & bright: a family that could use a little extra help this year.

And while most of us can’t afford to give iPads to the kids like the big companies can, we can at least let them know they’re in our thoughts.

Candles for brighter days, lavender for calming nights, & puzzles for family activities.

Candle for Peacecandle for peace
Smiling Buddhared buddha
Happiness Soy Candle private label candle
Green Envee Organic Lavender & Camomile Lotionfrench lotion
Green Pieces Puzzle GREENPUZ-EAGLE
Survivor, Wellness, Courage: 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness In Pinkin pink

Daily Green Special: In honor of Stephanie’s son, you’ll receive $5.00 off your $50 purchase with the coupon code ELVES12. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Hug a loved one, say I love you, find gratitude, and have a Happy Tuesday.


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