$12 Deals

Everyone is making a pretty big deal about today’s date.

I do think it’s pretty cool, though; the same way we used to make a wish when the clock read 12:12. And, it’s the last repeat date I’ll see in my lifetime.

So, I think that calls for an extra wish on 12-12!

How about $12 Deals?! (applies to in-stock items only)

Beeswax Cube Candle (reg. 14.95)
cube candle
Recycled Cardboard Treehouse: (reg. 25.00)

Vapur .4L two-pack
(reg. 16.00)
orange 2 pack
Yoreganics (80 load) Soap Nuts:
(reg.  14.99)
soap nuts 80load
Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse: (reg. 25.00) dollhouse

Daily Green Special:  These special $12 deals are only valid today, 12-12-12-, in-stock merchandise only!  Happy Wednesday!


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