Candle for Peace…

candle for peace

Like much of America, maybe the world, my mind is still reeling from Friday’s events.

It seems awkward to talk about which gifts to buy; I can’t escape the thought that there are too many parents who won’t watch that thrill this year.

Even before Friday, this holiday season seems to have a different feel.

It’s been a trying 2012: loved ones lost, homes lost to Sandy, friends battling cancer, friends watching their children fight cancer.

Too much this year.

Through all of the tears and devestating news, though, there tends to be a recurring theme of strength and survival.

We don’t get through hardships: cancer, death, and devastation alone.
There is strength in numbers.

Family, friends, communities, and in many ways, our country are banding together. Offers of help, compassion, and belief that there will be brighter days. That there will be peace.

candle for peace harvard

Daily Green Special: To help support the families affected by the Newton, Connecticut tragedy, 50% of proceeds of all in-stock purchases of Candle for Peace or Ekl Bearmy Bears will be donated to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. Wishing you a Monday filled with gratitude.


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