Everyday heroes…

I’m hoping our country begins to shift priorities.

There is little room for doubt that teachers are everyday heroes.

This past summer, Chicago school teachers were on strike. It was big news; everyday there were nasty editorials questioning how teachers could possibly ask for more money- they only work 9 months a year don’t you know?

Yet, when the football referees went on strike, after a couple of bad calls by fill-in refs, everyone was shouting to end the strike! Give them the money they want!

Interestingly, professional sports referees earn between $25,000 and $141,000 per year. Hmmm, and the NFL refs only work on Sunday.

I’m not saying sports aren’t important, I truly enjoy them. But it isn’t a job of compassion, selflessness, and self-sacrifice like our educators. It goes without saying that the teachers of Sandy Hook elementary school are nothing short of heroes.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy, though, to recognize their importance. They’ve helped kids who struggled reading only a short time ago unleash the magical world of books. They’ve made sense of fractions, percentages, and trigonometry. And, for many kids, they’ve inspired lifelong passions and careers.

Looking for a meaningful way to give back to those who’ve given so much for ours?

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Daily Green Special: Spend $150 and we’ll donate a Green School Supply Pack to the teacher of your choice. Just write ‘everyday hero” in the checkout notes and we’ll contact you for the school’s address. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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