Daily Green is back!

I have to ask- how did your friends and families like the amazing green gifts you sent this year?
We have some serious re-stocking to do!
Thank you for shopping small & shopping with us this season!

Here we are, the last weekend of 2012.

The new year is like a new notebook on the first day of school.

Full of promise
Full of endless possibilities.

I tend to focus more on goals, than resolutions.
One of our goals?
Definitely finding more amazing products to help you live green, simply.

We’ve never believed that choosing eco-friendly is synonymous with expensive.

We believe in quality over quantity (don’t we all have enough “stuff”).
We believe small changes can make a huge difference.
We believe what you put on your skin and in your children’s hands, shouldn’t negatively affect health.

Living sustainably doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you own and starting over. It’s making small adaptions that fit your lifestyle at this point in time.

And those small, non-interrupting, adaptions start to build on one another.
Forget guilt & “bad mom” syndrome. They’re wastes of energy. That’s fabulous that Sally wants to stay up until 3am making 35 homemade cupcakes for her kid’s class (it doesn’t make her a better mom, just a different mom). It’s equally wonderful that you took your Piebox to the local bakery and filled it with 35 of their Small Business cookies!

Over the next few posts we’ll show you simple ways to swap common products full of toxins for healthier (for you and the planet) options.

Until then, enjoy our last coupon of 2012! Pick up those gifts still on your wishlist, refresh your nails with Pantone’s color of 2013 with Emerald City, or just get a head start on a green 2013!

Daily Green Special: Save $6 off your $25 purchase with coupon code ENDOF2012. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Weekend!


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