Go Huskies!

We’re all aware of the tragedies & wonders of the past twelve months: globally, nationally, and personally. Many of them will carry with us years to come.

New Years Eve, though, is for looking ahead. (I love the Pinterest quote I saw today: Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”)

We are certainly grateful for all of the new friends and customers of Favor the Earth. Thanks for spreading the word!

Around here, many are definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

Chicagoans are undeniable sports fans.

Passionate & optimistic for sure.
It’s why Cubs fans still believe they’ll see their team in the World Series,
and why Hawks fans still think there may be a three game season!

We stand behind our teams, even rooting for arch rivals to push our Bears into the playoffs (that one didn’t turn out so well).

But, the rare event that one of our college teams makes it to a Bowl Game, well that’s simply fantastic!

Even if you aren’t from Chicago, you can show your Huskie pride as our Northern Illinois Huskies hit the Orange Bowl!


Save on our Red, Grey, and 1L. Fire (black with red) Vapur anti-bottles!

Great for supporting our NIU Huskies, or kicking off those resolutions to exercise & drink more water!

Daily Green Special: Find great savings on red, grey, and Fire Vapur bottles. Offer valid until tomorrow’s (1-1-13!) post. Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve.


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