Wash away those germs: triclosan free

Knock on wood- this crazy flu bug has missed our house. I know plenty of people, though, who have been suffering through it for several weeks. It hit early and powerful this year.

Flu shots don’t necessarily prevent you from coming down with the flu (and have their own set of controversies). An apple a day? Maybe.

The one thing experts do agree on is hand washing.

Many turn to antibacterial soaps during flu season, but the added ingredient triclosan may be making you sicker.

Triclosan, like it’s PCB counterparts, is known to interfere with cardiac and skeletal muscle contractions. Does that mean that you’ll have a heart attack washing your hands? No.

But, repeated use is creating a buildup of triclosan in our bodies (remember, anything that goes onto the skin gets absorbed by the skin) and leading to heart damage. Not to mention, it’s showing up in the environment from water drainage.

Instead of added toxins, many natural essential oils help boost immunity: peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and lemon especially. Additionally, essential oils help increase relaxation and reduce stress.

Less stress = improved immunity!

If you’re washing your hands countless times to avoid the flu, don’t chose a soap that can harm your heart. Opt for soap that your heart will love!
imageFrench Lavender & Chamomile, Brazilian Orange & Litsea, West African Shea & Chamomile, Indonesian Patchouli & Orange, Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint, Egyptian Myrrh & Sandlewood, and Sri Lanken Lemongrass.


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