Tell me what you want, what you really really want…

Happy Friday!

The first full week back to school and work seemed incredibly long! Although the New Year just began, it feels like it should be much later than January 11th.

Based on the top items you’ve searched for this week, many of you agree!

It looks like we’re all looking for a little comfort.

Here are the top five items you’ve needed most this week.

SpaRitual Lip Gloss: A little shimmer certainly helps boost my mood! Since women ingest (on average) 6 pounds of lip gloss during their lifetime, I prefer mine to be sans toxins! The real fruit extracts make these taste delicious, but they’re also vegan and gluten-free. 4 colors available: Radiance, Glow, Clarity, Calm. On sale for $14.95 (reg. 18.95)

PieBox: Cold winter months call for decadent pie! A slice of banana cream for me please. Get ready for Valentine’s Day by picking up your PieBox today. Made from chemical-free raw pine, this sturdy box will transport your 9″ deep dish pie wherever you need to go. Made from scratch, or picked up from the town bakery, dessert is more impressive from a PieBox! On sale for $32.95 (reg. $38.95)

Baby Buddha Bowls: These have been a number one seller since day 1! They’re so versatile & comforting. The bowl/mug nestles right into your palms making it perfect for a hot cup of coffee, warm bowl of soup, even a yummy bowl of apple pie à la mode! Dishwasher safe and available in 7 colors. On sale for $18.00 (reg. $20) *These will see a slight price increase during 2013, so stock up now!
green curry bb 001

Feeling overwhelmed? Can’t tell you how many times this popped up this week! The stress of the holiday season has taken a toll on many of us. Pure essential oils are wonderful for uplifting the spirit (lemongrass), boosting immunity (peppermint and tea tree oil), and reducing stress (lavender). These were on sale yesterday as a safer alternative to most soaps (no triclosan in Green Envee products) and our Green Envee body washes will stay on sale this weekend for their amazing essential oil benefits! French Lavender & Chamomile, Brazilian Orange & Litsea, West African Shea & Chamomile, Indonesian Patchouli & Orange, Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint, Egyptian Myrrh & Sandlewood, and Sri Lanken Lemongrass. On sale for $10 (reg. $14.00) image

Eco-Friendly Corporate Favors. Sounds like lots of you are planning a party! We love seeing companies bypassing disposable gimmicks for more earth-conscious favors and giveaways. We have a great selection for events, weddings, and parties of any size. Contact us for more information to see your name on some of our green products. We have the solution to your promotional needs.
vapur promo2 bros balmsimageimage

Daily Green Special: Pick up a little extra comfort this weekend. These sale prices are valid only until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!


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