Keep these for DIY projects!

We all have bottles of old nail polishes tucked into drawers.

Maybe the color wasn’t quite right, or it just wasn’t finished before the end of the season.

What are you to do with them, though? Don’t throw them away! Put them to use!

Instead of buying (toxic) paint pens, or wasteful cans of paint for small projects, use your polish.

I first had the idea when a woman bought several mini-bottles of polish from me at a farmer’s market. We started talking & it turns out she’s an artist. She loved the vibrant colors and the small brush makes it easier to create fine lines. Plus, with the SpaRitual line she knew without 5 carcinogens they’re were safer to use.

So cool!

As we’re changing my son’s bedroom to a more “grown-up” sports theme, it was time for the animal dresser knobs to go. Replacing them with the baseball ones I saw was too pricy, so I decided to DIY it!

Using “White Light” I added a couple of coats to the original brown knobs. One more coat and then my son wants to do the red “stitching” to create a baseball.

Now, I’m looking for other projects I can use polishes for: touching up furniture nicks, school projects.

Have a particular project in mind? Check out our selection of colors. At $5, you not only have a great nail polish, but a great craft supply too!

Need a certain color? Let us know. We’ll be adding several new colors over the next couple of days, we probably have what you need in-stock, just not on the site yet!

Daily Green Special: Buy three mini-polishes and get a fourth one free! Just write “crafty” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the 4th polish to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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