Our Favorite Gift Set!

What’s better than knowing today is Friday?
It’s Friday of a three-day weekend!

What’s even better than a three-day weekend?
Our favorite new gift-set!

How can a gift-set be that great you ask?

We started with our reusable divided box (made from wild grass and 100% recycled boxboard), then polled a bunch of people asking their favorite Favor the Earth items. The result…

Our Favorite Gift Set!

Lift the lid and you’ll find 7 fabulous eco-friendly favorites:
(2) organic soap half-bars, an organic chocolate square, an eco-lips lip balm, a SpaRitual mini vegan nail polish, an all natural-cotton soap bag, and a travel-size bottle of Yoreganics incredible stain remover.

This set is a great way to try new products, and it also makes a wonderful gift.

Add your color/flavor selections to the customer comments, or let us pick our favorites for you!

Daily Green Special: Order Our Favorite Gift Set at a special introductory price of $24.95. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Friday!


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