Cozy up- without the toxins

With the wind chill at -13°, it seems like the perfect morning to stay under blankets until…July.

It brutally cold out there today.

Before you wrap up in that extra blanket, though, consider its material. You may be doing harm for your health.

Cotton uses the most insecticides and pesticides of any other crop, and it has devastating effects on wildlife, the environment, and anyone working with the textile (

You’ve probably heard of the “dirty dozen” as it applies to fruits and vegetables. Cotton could have its own “dirty list” from the dozens of pesticides/insecticides utilized: Aldicarb, parathion, and methamidophos, are three of the most toxic. According the Organic Trade Association, one drop of aldicarb absorbed into the skin can kill a person. Frighteningly, it is still used in 25 countries and it has been found in the groundwater in 16 states. Each pound of US raw cotton uses almost 1/3 pound of synthetic fertilizers; approximately one pound of raw cotton is used to make one t-shirt.

That’s why, when it comes to cotton, organic is better: for you, the environment, and textile workers.

Our organic cotton crocheted blankets are safer for snuggling on these cold days.

They are the perfect size for babies to stay cozy, and the open crochet-stitch prevents breathing concerns.
FTE ipone 2011 003
Toddlers love snuggling their fingers and toes through the stitches.
fte blanket
And I stay warm using it as a lap blanket or over my shoulders, warding off the morning & evening chill!
Colors shown are in-stock, or customize your own colors. Looking for a larger size? Contact us for information on additional sizing.



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