Green Your Office

It’s great that you recycle at home, but don’t let your environmental concerns go by the wayside at the office. Here are 8 easy ways to bring green into your workspace.

1. Friendly Dry Erase Markers: Skip the noxious fumes when using the white board. Our Friendly Dry Erase Markers are non-toxic, alcohol-based ink. No Xylene, Toluene or other VOCs here. One less reason to leave the meeting with a headache!

2. Staple-Free Stapler: Removing those bits of metal before shredding documents is a huge pain. Using our staple-free stapler, there are no metal bits to jam the shredder!

3. Remover Wipes: Notice a polish chip before the big meeting? Don’t ruin your nails trying to peel it off, stash a vegan SpaRitual Remover Wipe in your desk drawer. Available in singles or 6-pack boxes.
remover cloth

4. Stay Hydrated: It’s really difficult to drink enough water throughout the day if it isn’t convenient. Our 1L Vapur water bottles will keep you hydrated while at the office. Dreaming of a vacation? Our Hawaiian bottles are a little touch of the tropics for your workspace!
element blackhawaii vapur
5. Yummy Candy: Every desk needs a candy dish! Skip the chemical-laden & calorie packed “fun-size” bars and fill up your dish with Yummy Earth drops: pomegranate pucker, roadside rootbeer, or a 9-flavor assortment bag.
6. Giant Eraser: Add a little humor to your (or a co-worker’s) desk with our GIANT recycled eraser. It’s for Big Misteakes! (get it?)
giant eraser
7. Re-post it: Desk covered with sticky notes? Most brand’s adhesive keeps them from being recyclable, not ours! The Redi-Tag paper is 100% recycled and they use a water-based adhesive- go ahead and recycle them when finished!
8. Highlight it: Unlike highlighter markers, these highlighter pencil sticks won’t bleed through pages and are a bit more line specific- making them perfect for college-ruled text. Made from natural, sustainable wood, they are also biodegradable.
highlighter sticks 2
Daily Green Special: Spend $35 in green office supplies and receive a free Banana Paper Journal, great for keeping all of your “to-do” lists in one spot! Just write “green office” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free journal to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Wednesday!


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