Connecting to the world around us…

Feeling a loss of connection to the world around you? Conscious awareness of emotions lacking? The seventh chakra holds the key to connections. Our new line of Green Envee essential oils is specifically blended to address each of the seven chakras.

Today focus is Chakra 7, the Crown Chakra.image

The Seventh (crown) Chakra located on the top of the head encompasses the cerebrum, cerebral cortex, pituitary gland, and the central nervous system. Physically, those with an unbalanced seventh chakra may experience eczema, skin rashes, neuralgia, warts, and a compromised lymphatic system. Emotionally, crown chakra imbalances may be indicated by feelings of alienation, lack of wisdom, confusion, loss of inspiration, and narcissism.

How can you awaken your seventh chakra and restore general and spiritual connection? With our new Green Envee Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend. image


In a clockwise direction, apply 2-3 drops of the Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend to the top of your head. Or, gently inhale the aroma directly from the bottle. You can even add a few drops of the Crown Chakra blend to your Green Envee lotion or warm bath.

Much like new experiences and changes affect our muscular balance, every new challenge and stress affects our energetic balance.  Help maintain emotional health with our new Green Envee Chakra Collection.
Includes all 7 Essential Oil Blends for maintaining balance in each of the seven chakras.


Daily Green Special: New product means an introductory price. Time restore your body’s energetic balance! No coupon necessary, but special pricing is valid on the Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend and the Chakra Collection only until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!


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