Amazing women in business!

You may have noticed that Friday was International Women’s Day. I was really proud to recognize how many of our fabulous products are made by women. Independently, I know they’re great pieces made by amazing women. Seeing them all together…well, that was just pretty cool!


So, who are these amazing women?
Ella-E Jewelry: I simply love Lara’s gorgeous jewelry. Adorned with vintage stones & the cuff bracelet is crafted from a recycled belt. Her unique eco-friendly oxidation process creates an original (and recognizable) luster. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped and asked “Is that a new Ella-E necklace?!!”
Favor the Earth: Yes, these are made by yours truly! Each blanket is hand-crocheted with organic cotton yarn. Blankets pictured on the site are ready for delivery, but I can customize any color combination or size. Contact me with your idea!
Yoreganics: While many of us worry about chemicals in our skin care and food, we forget about those in our cleaners. Swap the toxic products in your laundry room with Yoreganics Soap Nuts and Stain Remover. Soap Nuts will eliminate nasty odors (especially from anti-wicking material) without fragrance or allergens & Kim’s stain remover may just be the best one on the planet! Dry skin, burns, or eczema? Kim’s Bye Bye Balm will help you say good-bye to all of them!
Blissful Botanica: Not only are Alane’s organic soaps nourishing, they’re beautiful too! The half-bars look like little desserts that I’ve heard people say they just wish they could eat! Half-bars also make a great shower favor.
Greencycle Design: Crafty Tara is taking Florida by storm! Her custom upcycled paper flowers, balls, and vases make a heart-felt original gift or wedding centerpiece. Bouquets, single flowers, or balls crafted from favorite novels, maps, or sheet music make for unique lasting memories.
Sock-cessories: Oh how I love these hockey moms! They turned overflowing closets into creative new pieces. Bags, aprons, hats, and mitts all made from upcycled hockey socks (yes they’re clean!), laces, and jerseys! Need custom colors for your team, not a problem. Want to turn outgrown jerseys in a backpack or bag? Sure thing: Linda & Ester are on it!
Silverspoon Jewelry: It takes a special talent to look at inherited silverware and see stunning rings and necklaces. Lucky for us, Jennifer is amazingly talented! Hearts, celtic knots, flowers, even owls, and butterflies are crafted from her skillful hands and gorgeous antique spoons.
Wexy Bags: I love when moms create their own products to solve a problem! Carie knew a better solution was needed for wasteful plastic bags, so she created Wexy Bags! BPA-free and biodegradable, these bags are not only great for lunches and snacks, but party favor bags too. 4 adorable “monsters” make healthy snacks, or goodie bags, much more fun!
Caitlyn’s Creations: If you don’t have one of Caitlyn’s fantastic hat pouches yet, what are you waiting for?! Great for loose change, lip balms, id, cash, earbuds, you name it! You can easily attach the pouch to a key chain, or just drop it into your purse or backpack and you’ll quickly find your change.

Wow! These are some pretty amazing women! Just think, this doesn’t even include our great products made by husband & wife teams!

Daily Green Special: Save $5.00 on your $25 purchase of any featured product! Use the coupon code: WOMENROCK to apply the savings. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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