6 easy switches for a green purse

We all have the certain necessities we carry on a daily basis. Regardless how often we change purses, these items must always find their way into the bag: lip balm, nail file, wallet. Since these are frequently used items, it makes sense that they should be safe for our bodies and the environment.

Here are 6 easy switches for a green-filled purse.

Lip Balm: Skip the petroleum, synthetic flavors, and parabens. Eco-Lips balms keep your lips moisturized without nasty chemicals. Available with or without SPF. (coconut, kiwi-strawberry, grape, berry, or mint) $2.00 kiwi-strawberry

Nail File: We don’t usually give much thought to our nail files, but ordinary sandpaper files end up in landfills. Protect the environment with our biodegradable SpaRitual nail file. $2.00 image

Polish Remover: Speaking of nails. No one wants to carry around polish remover in their purse, too great of a risk for spilling. But, how are you going to quickly remove weekend “Emerald City” before your big meeting? Not checking a bag on your business trip? Convenient SpaRitual vegan remover cloths keep remover handy and leak-proof. Sugar derived solvents gently remove polish mandarin essential oil moisturizes and conditions nails. Available in singles or 6-pack. $1.25, $6.95 remover cloth

Hat Pouch: Don’t let change fall to the bottom of your bag, and forget the toxic-vinyl coin purses, our recycled fabric hat pouches are a fun alternative. Perfect for loose change, lip balm, ear buds…you name it. Easily attaches to a key chain; a great Easter surprise for teens/tweens too! $14.95 on sale. image

Notepad: Sure, we keep plenty of lists in our phones and gadgets, but notepads are still important. We certainly don’t want to be mistaken for texting when we’re taking notes! These beautiful, plantable notepad covers are embedded with seeds. So, when the book is filled, recycled the paper and plant the cover for colorful wildflowers! 9 designs. $3.00 plantable notepad 1

Gum: Remember when chewing gum was made without fake sugar, artificial flavors, and synthetic ingredients? So does Glee! Made with actual chicle (sustainably harvested of course!) and no fake junk. Great for those with allergies too. These Glee Gum mini-boxes are perfect to toss in your purse & come in 3 assorted flavors. $4.75 on sale. glee gum

Daily Green Special: Purchase a hat pouch and receive a free Eco-Lips lip balm! Just write “going green” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free balm to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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