How do you Wexy?

Based on my Facebook newsfeed, I’d say spring (ahem, it’s 19° this morning!) sports are in full bloom. Soccer, baseball, lacrosse…kids seem to be back on the fields. As a sports parent, that means planning ahead: equipment, water, and snacks!

Bypass the concession candy and bring your own sweet treats. Players and siblings are even eager for healthier snacks when they’re packed in Scout the Soccer Player! imageOf course Scout has a few friends too: Sammy the Surfer, Bailey the Bubble Maker, and Dusty the Diver!

imageAside from adorable what’s so special about these Wexy bags? They’re made in the USA
Created by moms
Incredibly durable
and they’re Biodegradable!

Where do we like to use our Wexy Bags?

  1. At the Park
  2. On a Fieldtrip
  3. Cheering on our Favorite Teams
  4. At the Pool
  5. On the Plane
  6. In the Car
  7. Party Goody Bags

Handy for snacks, toys, items that may leak, and party favors!

Daily Green Special: Our Wexy Bags are on sale! No coupon necessary, but this offer is only valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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