5 necessities when traveling with kids!

Keeping little ones occupied while on the go is not an easy task; especially if you’re trying to avoid dvd’s and handheld electronics. These 4 ideas will keep them so busy they’ll forget to ask “Are we there yet?”

Recycled cardboard toys. These may be the perfect travel toy since they’re three activities in one: coloring, assembling, and playing! Pieces fold flat for easy storage in suitcases or seat pockets.
imagemermaid covetreehouse

Let’s go green activity books. Each of these 4 books will entertain, challenge, and educate your little ones all while having fun. Coloring, puzzles, and games- each activity book brings new entertainment.

Box Play for Kids turns ordinary household objects into fun new toys! Too little for their own camera? This mac n’ cheese box camera lets them “photo” exciting images along the way. “I spy” their favorite game? These toilet paper/paper towel binoculars will help them spot treasures far away! 9 sticker sets available.
camera stickerbinoculars

Kids on the go set has everything you need to keep kids happy on the road or in the air! Includes Ecogear Gorilla messenger bag or Ecogear Panda backpack, recycled cardboard toy (sm), Let’s Go Green activity book, 12 pack Faber-Castell colored pencils, sustainable wood top, banana paper note pad, bamboo paper pencil, eco-eraser, and a bug bite chocolate.
kids on the go

Does your travel include flying? Gum and lollipops can help with ear pressure during take-off and landing. They’ll be thrilled with great flavors (mmm…Strawberry Smash!), you’ll love that there’s no artificial colors, flavors, fake sugars, & that they’re allergy free! Check out Glee Gum and Yummy Earth for more information on allergens.

Daily Green Special: Spend $35 and receive a free .5L Vapur water bottle! Perfect for travel since they collapse small enough to fit into a pocket when empty! Just write “on the road” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free Vapur to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday!


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