Don’t leave home without them…

Although I’ve never carried an American Express card (anyone else remember those commercials?), I don’t leave home without certain items: hydration, lip balm, sunscreen, and snacks! Throw in a deck of cards and you’re ready for any unexpected delays. Why are these 4 items so important?

pink vapur
Hydration: It’s recommended that you drink enough water to match half your weight, in ounces (120 lbs = 60 oz). But, it’s nearly impossible to do so unless you carry water with you at all times. I’ve tried the stainless steel bottles, while they have great designs, they can’t go in the dishwasher & they’re cumbersome to carry around when their empty. That’s why I love our Vapur bottles. Dishwasher safe(!!), and they collapse for easy transport when empty. Prefer your water ice-cold? Fill & freeze your Vapur the night before and you’ll have icy water all day- makes a great cooler ice pack too! Available in 3 sizes and several colors/designs.

Lip Balm: I’ve never worn much makeup, but I always have something on my lips, usually plain old lip balm. Eco-lips balms are anything but ordinary: no synthetic fragrance, petroleum-free, gluten-free, and 99% certified ingredients. Available in 6 delicious flavors, with or without SPF. Looking for a little more shimmer and color? Try our vegan SpaRitual Lip Gloss.

Sunscreen: I have to admit, unless it’s summertime, I’m not always responsible about wearing sunscreen. As I’m starting to notice more “fine lines” around my eyes, I know it’s time to step up my awareness. With our Eco-Lips FACESTICK there’s no reason for excuses. This convenient lip-balm style tube is portable SPF for your nose, lips, and face. It’s great for kids too because there’s no greasy feel, and it’s easy for them to effectively apply themselves. Toss in your purse, car, backpack, or gym bag and you’ll never be without the all-important sunscreen.

milk & pb
Snacks: No joke, I’m probably worse than my kids when I’m hungry. Ok, that’s a lie, there’s no “probably” about it. I am not a happy camper when I’m hungry (one of the 1000 reasons why I’ll never go on Survivor). Since I definitely feel best eating several times throughout the day, rather than three bigger meals, I try to always carry snacks. Endangered Species Chocolate bars are a great emergency snack. Dark chocolate is packed with beneficial antioxidants, and it’s brain and heart healthy too. Flavonoids and a low glycemic index also help control blood sugar levels- quickly subsiding my “hungry grumpies!” Boost health benefits with almonds and dried cranberries, or choose one of the other 6 flavors.

Daily Green Special: Keep all of these necessities together in our handy organic cotton sack, yours free with a $35 purchase. Just write “snack time” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free bag to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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