Earth Day Activities

The 44th celebration of Earth Day is April 22nd.  This is a great opportunity to share activities with your kids, and students, that benefit the environment. Fortunately, many kids today have grown up recycling and some even composting.


Today’s activities focus on repurposing items into something new!

1- Green Pieces Seeded puzzles. Start with a fun family day (or classroom project) completing the eco-awareness puzzle, then plant pieces into individual pots to grow wildflowers! Panda & Tiger available. On sale $7.95


2- Flat Tire Flowerpot Kits. Since you’ll need somewhere to plant those seeded puzzle pieces, try our new Flowerpot Kits. What makes these remarkable? They’re made from old tires! $9.95- contact us for pricing for quantities over 20.



paint kit
3- Glob Botanical Paints. Before they were gorgeous paint pigments, these brilliant colors were herbs, fruits, and veggies! Create masterpieces with Glob Botanical paints. On Sale $14.50-$18.50

4- Boxplay for Kids. Turn household staples into fun new toys with Box Play for Kids recycled paper stickers. Turn an egg carton into a piano; a mac n’ cheese box becomes a camera; create superhero bracelets from toilet paper rolls. Firetrucks, baseball bats, and more! 9 themes available. $2.95-$6.95- contact us for pricing for quantities over 20

5- While we would love to share a bottle of wine with you, we unfortunately don’t sell it, but my son wanted me to share this genius idea. Wine corks as bobbers! Apparently he saw some friends using them at the pond fishing, now he’s set on making his own.

Daily Green Special: Spend $50 and receive a free t-shirt bag! Yes, it’s an organic cotton t-shirt upcycled into a durable reusable bag. Just write “upcycled” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free bag to your order. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Friday!


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