Great gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is less than a month away.  May 12th (also my mom’s birthday!) we celebrate the amazing women who cared for us when we were sick, listened to us practice the recorder upteen times, drove us to practices, and was always there for a hug-even on days it felt no one else was.   I’m sure some days my mom is enjoying those “payback is a bitch” moments watching me and my kids…though I swear I was never difficult!

It’s time to honor mom! Over the next couple of days we’ll look at some great gifts to show our appreciation, and recognize the amazing woman she is!image

Pictured: Sustainable Mango Wood Bowl or Platter $59.95, Reclaimed Wood Spice Box $24.95, Piebox $38.95

Pictured: Recycled Tire “Venice” Flowerpot $19.95, Striped Jute Bag $54.95, Silver Spoon Adjustable Petite Fleur Ring $30.00

Daily Green Special: Save $6 off your $25 purchase with coupon code MOMWP13. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post! Happy Wednesday.


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