Earth Week $10 Deals!

Even though “Earth Day” was officially yesterday, this week is still considered “Earth Week.” As we try to create healthy environments for our home and planet, we’re continuing with great deals. Today you’ll find four great $10 Deals!


french lotion Harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients have no purpose in our skin care. Nourish your skin with our Green Envee Organics lotions: pure essential oils, no artificial ingredients. I even use the lavender lotion on my face. 8oz lotion is $10 reg. 16.00.

stain remover

Now that baseball season is in full swing (see what I did there?!), my Yoreganics Stain Remover is an essential laundry product. Even though it was created by a mom to be gentle on her daughter’s sensitive skin (and eczema), this stain remover is tough on stains! Grass, dirt, blood, and grease are no match for Yoreganics. 8oz bottle $10 reg. 14.99.

paint kit

The Earth without art is “eh”, right? But, art with toxins is “ew!” Create masterpieces with our Botanical Pigment Paints. Created from fruits, vegetables, spices, and organic extracts; not only are they gorgeous colors, they smell fantastic too. Because they come as powdered pigments, just add water to create as much or as little paint as you need. Our Glob Botanical Paint Kit is just $10 reg. 17.95!

earth day duo
What’s better than SpaRitual polish? Two SpaRitual polishes! This “earthy” Soil Duo contains Back to Your Roots and Native Soil along with a package of wild flower seeds to plant. Yours today for only $10 reg. 17.50!

Daily Green Special: While Earth Week continues tomorrow, these $10 deals won’t! Offers valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Tuesday!


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