How to support your emotional foundation

In the aftermath of the Boston bombing, the Texas explosion, the Midwest floods and snow storms, many of us are reeling with questions and exhaustion. Bailing water from basements and throwing out ruined mementos, can easily lead to a feelings of insecurity. Even trying to understand the horrific tragedies can result in lack of motivation.

Business travelling, grief, and hectic schedules may lead us grasping for comfort: food, home, a hand to hold. In essence, looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a weakened foundation of self-security may be beginning to crumble.

Sure, we can turn to more coffee for the energy we’re lacking. We can over-indulge on comfort foods to fill emotional voids. Or, we can bring awareness to the root and re-energize & strengthen from our own core strength.

A balanced, energetically flowing, root (first) chakra allows us to feel energized, centered, and grounded. Life feels more within our control with an open first chakra. Associated with the element Earth, a sense of grounding our roots and gaining core strength are direct benefits of balancing this foundation.

Aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and the physical and emotional healing powers of essential oils are well documented. While individual essential oils are beneficial on their own, Green Envee has created special blends to support each of the seven chakras. image

The Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend may be inhaled, or applied (a drop or two) to the soles of the feet. A few drops in a warm bath or added to your lotion is also has restorative properties.

As we support a heathy planet during Earth week, bring awareness and grounding to your place in the world. Regain control by supporting and revitalizing your root chakra.

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