Teacher Appreciation Week: Small Thank You Gifts

After having both jobs, I think teachers and stay-at-home moms are probably the two most unappreciated jobs. They’re like the behind the scenes tech crew on any play or movie: relatively unnoticed by others, but the whole thing would fall apart and/or wouldn’t be as magical without them. The teachers are responsible for educating our future, and in many cases, they spend more hours a day with our children than we do. And, even though we aren’t dressing up to throw “teacher awards” parties with little gold statues, we can still show our appreciation for helping our kids grow.


Since Monday begins teacher appreciation week, here are 5 thoughtful gift ideas to show your gratitude.

buttercream buddhaBaby Buddha Bowl: Teachers have enough #1 Teacher mugs, give them something they can really use for that extra cup of coffee, soup in the teachers’ lounge, or finally curling up on the couch with a snack! 7 colors available.

harry potter flowersflower ballNovel Flowers: Here’s a gift that will last longer than traditional flowers: flowers and decorative balls made from recycled books and maps. Choose their favorite book or vintage maps (thanks for giving me a “map” to the world!”).

green school supply packEco-friendly Classroom Supplies: Teachers pay a pretty penny restocking supplies for kids who’ve forgotten theirs. Help replenish the classroom stock with non-toxic eco-friendly school supplies. Create your own gift set or choose our Green School Supply Pack that’s already filled with 10 great classroom necessities.

dreams notebookPlantable Notepads: Great for incessant list making, or for a creative idea…let each student write a note of thanks on the pages, then they can plant the covers for blooming classroom memories!

burlap coffee bag

Coffee bag & soap: No doubt, kids are germy! Our recycled coffee bags and half-bar of organic Blissful Botanica soap make a pretty, yet practical, gift!


Daily Green Special: Spend $25 and receive a free Grow Your Dreams plantable notepad with your order Just complete the phrase “My favorite teacher is…” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free notepad to your order. Offer valid until Monday’s post. Happy Weekend!


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