How can we help Moore, Oklahoma?

Over the past year we have been reminded, too often, about the fragility of life.   Memorial Day seems to take on an additional meaning this year especially. We are a nation that continually bands together amidst devastation, madness, and destruction.  It is far to early to discuss healing from the tragic Oklahoma tornado, but I am grateful that friends we know there are safe.

I feel helpless in the wake of this destruction. I’ve donated to the Red Cross, but, for me, that isn’t enough. I’m too far to shelter any of those who’ve lost their homes, so I’m looking to you for suggestions. Does anyone live close enough to know what is needed: a carload of water, blankets, clothes?

Did you share the news with your children? What are their suggestions for helping?

I think when tragedies hit, it’s definitely a wake-up call on life’s priorities. A reminder to turn off the tv, put down Candy Crash, and instead connect with our loved ones. Make the call you’ve been putting off, write the letter that’s been in your mind but not on paper, and play.

Yes, we all have obligations; work and financial pressures will never subside. But we also have an obligation to ourselves, our families, and our communities to nurture those connections. I was inspired by the young couple interviewed on CNN last night as they tightly held their one month old baby. While they were definitely emotional about the people they helped, those they couldn’t, and images they’ll never forget, they still found a moment of lightness between them: they mentioned that they impatiently called their roofing company last week to come check a leak that wasn’t repaired, then were able to find the humor to add I guess we can call them back, because we don’t have a roof anymore.

Strength, humor, and love. We can’t bottle it, and we can’t sell it. But we all have it. Now, it’s just time to share it.


Daily Green Special: Give hugs, say “I love you,” and share.

(Photo credit: FUNKYAH / / CC BY-NC-ND)


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